Automation delivering more than just operational efficiencies

Automation delivering more than just operational efficiencies

It’s 1am and the street is bare. Nestled in the heart of the Minto industrial region, the Holloway Group factory seems to be humming in an otherwise quiet site. Laden with several large injection moulding machines, conveyor belts and safety markings on the floor, the factory is buzzing with activity; a mix of moving robotics and human technicians working in partnership to create moulded industrial grade products used locally in Australia and exported abroad.

With a single machine representing a large capital investment and higher labour costs in Australia than offshore, why bother keeping manufacturing local?

We care about people

Providing employment opportunities to the local community was important to our team.

Lower labour costs (and as a result lower production costs) can be enticing in a highly competitive market, but rather than compromising our investment into people, Holloway Group found other ways to be more competitive.

To provide a solution our customers could rely on for the successful growth of their own businesses, retaining full ownership of the manufacturing process from concept development to mass manufacturing was essential. With strict quality assurance protocols and Holloway Group’s ISO9001 certification, managing product outcomes was far easier in house.

We believe in making tomorrow better than today

Many of the products we make serve to create better outcomes in construction, agricultural and retail markets (to name a few). They create more efficient use of natural resources like treating and storing stormwater or help to promote livestock health by creating safer agricultural sites. Using Reprolene™, a 100% recycled co-polymer plastic, is yet another piece of our sustainability strategy.

Automation for growth on all fronts

Integration of automation and robotics into Holloway Group’s core offer has been essential to deliver on our promises made in our core values. It’s allowed staff to explore expanded career pathways, learn new skills and importantly, automating tasks with the support of robotics has allowed us to create a safer site conditions for our team.

Think increasing staff satisfaction, improving production capacity and keeping costs competitive whilst providing the market with quality products is unachievable? Think again.




The question of whether the robots are happy remains to be seen.

Interested in partnering with a team that values people whilst creating an outcome or product you’d be proud to stand behind? Holloway Group wants to hear from you.

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