A complete solution for urban stormwater management

FRÄNKISCHE, a German piping innovator since 1906, has been offering comprehensive urban stormwater management solutions since the 1990s. Their unique 4-part process delivers complete stormwater management solutions. Ausdrain is delighted to partner with FRÄNKISCHE to bring these world-class systems to our customers in Australia. For more information visit ausdrain.com/frankische.

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Ausdrain is a proud distributor of FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Management Solutions in Australia.

Our 4-Part Process: Building a Sustainable Future

FRÄNKISCHE's 4-part stormwater management process is designed to provide holistic solutions that contribute to a better environment. Each step, from Transport with Railway Drainage Systems to Controlled Stormwater Discharge Solutions, is carefully crafted to ensure efficient stormwater handling and ecological balance. Explore each part to discover how our system can revolutionize stormwater management for your projects.

Applications: Versatility and Efficiency

Our FRÄNKISCHE Stormwater Management Solutions cater to a wide range of applications. Whether it's on-site detention, stormwater harvesting, or infiltration, our systems offer tailored solutions for various project needs. From flood control to water conservation, we facilitate efficient stormwater utilisation while preventing environmental degradation.

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